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Are you looking for a Cajon Drum?

Are you eager to jam with a friend, lead a band or choir or maybe just keep the beat along to music? Then you've come to the right place.

Crate Sounds was established in 2017 when Edward and his friend needed a Cajon drum for their music. They did research and found that to buy a quality drum is quite expensive, so Edward decided to build his own. Crate was born as the demand increased.

The Cajons manufactured by Crate Sounds have developed a deep bass tone with a solid snapping snare.

Our Cajons are hand crafted with passion and we pay special attention to every Cajon individually. We deliver nationally and internationally, delivery price is inclusive.

Have a great year to all the musicians out there and thank you for visiting our website.

Crate Sounds

History of the Cajon Drum

Cajon in Spanish means “Crate” or “Drawer”

People of Central and West Africa that was brought to the Americas throughout the 16th century are considered to be the original founders of the Cajon drum.

They used old fruit crates to substitute their traditional African drums and used the crates to hide their instruments from prohibited laws.

The Cajon become popular in the 18th Century and people began experimenting with the design.

Benefits of the Cajon Drum

Compares with traditional drums like drum set, Conga or other drums ,the cajon have so many advantages as its easy taken and transported, no need for electrictricity, and also can be played with many kinds of musical instruments with its high and deep bass tone, so its a very good selection for percussion lovers.

Below are more benefits and advantages that we experience and hear from our existing Crate users.

Hand-eye coordination
Rhythm improvement
Stress relief
Creativity Improvement
Therapy and meditative benefits
The drum can hold as a furniture piece.
Gigs and jam sessions with friends and family.
Very mobile for everyday use.
Fairly easy to play from beginners to professionals.


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